Thursday, April 23, 2009

Two nights on the town: UX and QA/Agile peer-to-peer groups

I'm lucky to have access to some great resources in town for career-related learning. Communitech, the Waterloo Region Technology Association, host many peer-to-peer groups focused on a variety of areas of interest to people working with technology. I've mentioned the UX Group of Waterloo Region in previous posts. This month's meeting was an entertaining night of UX-related videos (and accompanying popcorn)

This week, in addition the movie night, I also attended the Waterloo Agile Lean peer-to-peer meeting on Testing in Agile - a QA’s journey. Guelph-based Innosphere shared their experiences with QA and Agile over the last 2+ years. The thing that I enjoyed most was hearing how similar many of their experiences are to what we've found with integrating QA and Scrum at Primal Fusion. It's reassuring to hear that others are on the same path and have arrived at similar solutions to the various challenges.

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