Sunday, July 19, 2009

A desire for streetcars

I've written a few posts on things that I enjoy about living in Waterloo. Sometimes what I enjoy is that Waterloo is close to something special. One example is the Halton County Radial Railway, an amazing museum where visitors can ride on functioning streetcars and other rail cars. While it's not in Waterloo, the museum is just a short drive to the east and is well worth a trip if you've never been there.

I've been taking my sons there every summer for years, and we've never tired of riding vintage streetcars through the woods or of hearing about where the cars were originally used. All the work that is done to restore decades-old equipment to running condition is done by volunteers, and the results are beautiful. Until my first visit it just never would have occurred to me that streetcars could have stained glass windows! It's volunteers, too, who run the equipment with such cheer and enthusiasm.

Thank-you to everyone who helps make the Halton County Radial Railway such a special place.

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