Friday, July 10, 2009

On the Iron Horse Trail

I previously wrote about the charms of cycling the Grand River Trail in RIM Park. Another favourite cycling route is to ride the Iron Horse Trail between Kitchener and Waterloo. Like the trail at RIM Park, this trail is paved and supports multiple uses. As the name implies, the Iron Horse Trail makes use of a what once had been a railway right-of-way. It passes by current (and also former) industrial ares, as well as making its way through residential neighbourhoods.

The trail also passes Victoria Park in Kitchener, which is a great destination for my sons when we cycle on the trail. The trail has served them well in terms of learning to cycle and enjoying longer rides.

Another great feature of the trail is the evocative equipment-as-art that can be found along it. Pieces of now-retired heavy machinery from the region’s industrial past document the kinds of work that was done, the output of which may well have have traveled by rail.

I'm lucky that I live close to one end of the trail, and have enjoyed using it for many years. Judging by the varied traffic that I see along it, others enjoy it as well.

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