Monday, August 17, 2009

Welcome to Wozerloo

Well, today’s Communitech breakfast with Steve Wozniak and David Flynn was a great success by just about any measure. Woz was an engaging raconteur who was speaking to a crowd that was in large measure there to see the legend in person. His passion for users of technology products seems genuine. Flynn was a smooth and articulate speaker who walked us through their company’s product offering in some detail and with a great deal of clarity. 700+ people attended, apparently the largest attendance for a Communitech event by far.
Communitech's president Iain Klugman wrote, in a tweet, after the event:
Spoke to the Woz afterwards #communitech -- he was blown away -- was expecting 50-100 people -- not over 700. says he's coming back
All in all, a fine day in Wozerloo.

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