Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Instant websites! Just add water!

I recently wrote about a demo that a colleague and I gave at StartupCampWaterloo, showing a prototype that we had created at Primal Fusion. Yesterday, our founder Peter Sweeney showed this prototype at NextMedia in Toronto.

We’ve released that prototype into a new area at the Primal Fusion site, Primal Labs. It’s still not a product yet, and it’s still pretty rough around the edges, but it does show some of the promise of thought networking.

Our Automatic Website Generator does exactly what the name suggests. It takes a user-supplied topic, builds related thoughts using our Primal Fusion platform, and then searches the web for related content. The results are then almost instantly presented as a website on that topic. It works reasonably well, though the fact that we’ve put it in Primal Labs should make it clear that we have more work to do. Still, it’s a fine start and we wanted to share it with the world and get feedback from people. Do try it out — you’ll need a Primal Fusion account at this point, but signing up is easy and it shouldn’t be long before you can try both the Automatic Website Generator and our original product as well.

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