Monday, December 21, 2009

Pretty lights on the tree, I’m watching them shine...

I’m really more of a warm weather guy, but there are some fine outdoor events that are worth venturing out into the winter cold for here in Waterloo Region. One that my family enjoys is the Wonders of Winter, a festival of lights that graces Waterloo Park every year. This season’s version started November 28 and runs until January 3. On our visit on Sunday night there were many people, young and old, who there enjoying the installation. My sons and I had a great time; my 4-year-old, in particular, showed a lot of excitement over his first visit to the festival.

It’s a community-supported initiative, powered by volunteers and supported by many sponsors. Thanks folks!

Meanwhile, over at Kitchener’s Victoria Park, there’s Christmas Fantasy, a similar event that looks like it’s worth a visit too. I’m sure that we’ll get there soon.

(By the way, if the headline for this post seems familiar but you can’t quite place it, try to imagine Darlene Love singing it!)

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