Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A whole new adventure at Karos Health

As occasional readers of this blog may know, I embarked on a bit of a career exploration some months back after leaving Primal Fusion. I enjoyed many fine conversations, flirted with creating a product with some friends, and generally learned a lot. There were a few intriguing opportunities along the way, too.

The opportunity that has emerged as the right fit is with Karos Health, a startup company here in Waterloo. As the website says:
Our mission is to advance the quality of patient care through collaboration and information sharing. Operating in an industry where systems are complex and no single vendor can provide one solution for all aspects of healthcare, Karos strives to enable vendor collaboration. Toward this goal, we work with partners and vendors to build information technology solutions that support collaboration between healthcare providers and the patient.
That’s lofty stuff, and I’m excited to have joined the team to drive user experience for Karos Health products.


  1. Congrats Mark! I know you will do well there...

  2. Congratulations Mark. What an exciting opportunity! These guys are very lucky to have you on board!

  3. A big congrats Mark! Great things to come I'm sure.

  4. Good move for Karos. :)

  5. Thanks again all. I'm already having a fine time at Karos, and looking forward to the great things that we do there.