Thursday, July 1, 2010

Waterloo designs, builds, and shares

Today is the July 1 Canada Day holiday where I live. Picking up from my post of last year, I’ll again celebrate Canadian achievements based on the design/build/share theme of this blog. This year I’ve focused entirely on those things here in Waterloo region.

Design: Sure, the Apple iPhone gets all the media attention these days, but Research in Motion created the market with its iconic BlackBerry more than a decade ago. Much of the design work is still done right here in Waterloo, in any of the many buildings that the company occupies.

Build: Speaking of mobile connectivity, tech behemoth Google relies upon a talented Waterloo team to build many of the cutting-edge HTML5-based Google Mobile applications (among other things). One of the reasons I enjoy my iPhone is that the mobile Safari web browser gives me access to these great apps.

Share: One of the things that I value (and write about often on this blog) here in Waterloo is the supportive technology community. DemoCampGuelph (@brydon), StartupCampWaterloo (@jrodgers, @sbwoodside), StartupDrinksWaterloo (@confusement) are just three events that I look forward to attending. All are organized by dedicated people who see value in building community and who generously share their time to make it happen. Thanks, all of you!


  1. Great post, Mark.

    With all the media hype of tech things far away, it's good to think of how much is done here at home.

    I appreciate your thoughtful commentary!


  2. Thanks Shaun. There is indeed a lot be proud of here.